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Comcast Clustercuss

Quick story.

I saw the announcement about the new Comcast plan that includes a handful of channels, internet and HBO. The promotional rate was $49.99 then $69.99 after that. Great right?

Currently, we have crappy internet service and TV. When we signed up, we asked for the cheapest TV package available (just the basic network channels). Done. What was it called? The MultiLatino Plus package. We currently paid $83.25 for 15 channels and crappy internet.

Fast forward to today…

I used the internet chat feature on Comcast’s website to ask about switching to that service. The guy named Chris said it was a “downgrade” and that I’d have to call.

So I call. I tell the representative I’d like to switch to the “Internet Plus” package, which is what it has been advertised as.

She has no idea what I’m talking about. I explain to her what the service is, then I wait for a few minutes while she reads about it.

She then tells me that I should talk to an online Comcast representative (remember the guy who just told me I’d have to call?)

After I tell her how crappy Comcast’s service is, she says I can switch to something by another name, that includes the same internet service as what I currently have, more channels, HBO, and it costs $10 less.


Lesson: Comcast-land is the geographic center of clustercusses. 

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The vintage future.


"Have you ever tucked your baby in… from a phonebooth?"

Back in 1992 AT&T put out a series of ads showing the future of technology.  Watching them now seems surreal since basically every innovation they “predict” is being used today (Skype, GPS, iPads, Smart Phones etc). 

One of the ad’s credits is to UCLA alum Jeff Doud, who was the Computer Graphics Director for this project.  At first glace you’d wonder where the visual effects are in this ad, but since most of this technology didn’t exist 20 years ago, they had to use special effects to bring it to life.

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